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In her work as digital art and storytelling practioner, Dr Alicja Pawluczuk (AKA hy_stera) explores the intersections of digital  humanities, feminism, and social justice.


Over the last decade, she has collaborated with international development organisations (e.g. the United Nations, the Council of Europe, UNESCO), cultural and education organisations (e.g. University of Edinburgh, Liverpool University, Economic and Social Research Council) exploring the process of participatory meaning-making through the use of arts, everyday objects and digital media. 


As an artist, activist and researcher, she aims to amplify the voices of some of the most marginalised communities. In her personal art, as an #endosister, she pays particular attention to the hidden stories of medical misogyny, invisible disability, menstrual justice and feminism.


Huge thanks to everyone who made this project happen! Thank you to the amazing team at DOMIE for providing me with an opportunity to put this work out there. Huge thanks to my husband, Marcin Pietruszewski for his support + allowing me to use his synthetic sounds. Thank you Jo Z. for her support. Huge thanks to Janine G. for sharing her expertise and making this project more accessible. Most importantly, huge thanks to the #endometriosis online community for their ongoing support, you all ROCK!

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