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She is still a very young lady. She doesn't know her body well yet. She should mainly listen. It is quite clear that she is also too young to get sick. Still, she is a very good looking lady. She'll probably find a partner soon. He will make her happy and get her pregnant. Pregnancy will fix her. For now, she should be taking pills as prescribed. She should not ask too many questions during doctors appointments. Most importantly, she should never cry or a doctor won't take her seriously.
Please help!! i think my boyfriend is going to dump me because i'm always bleeding :((. He actually told his friend that there is no way i can be in so much pain and that I should just try harder. i try hard to have sex with him, but the pain during and after is horrible. he is my first real boyfriend. I love him. I can't stop crying :( Endometriosis is ruining my relationship. I just want to be normal! Have a normal life. he said that I look normal and if I was really in so much pain I would not look so hot. Out of everyone I know, he should believe me. i don't know what to do. Please help!!!
the way they look at me. as if it was my fault. everyone at school thinks I'm faking it. they don't know exactly what is wrong with me. I'm embarrassed to say. the other day, I was in so much pain, I bled through my pants and I had to go home to get changed. everyone was like "LOL, she is sick again". Even on my social media, they post comments about my health, like "you don't look sick to me".
i don't know what to do - the doctor said it's normal and that I should just get used to it.




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