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She needs to do extra work to be believed, listen to, and taken seriously when talking to a doctor. She needs to find a subtle balance between not appearing too strong or too weak, too healthy or too sick, or too smart or too disarranged. She should keep her 'Google knowledge' to herself and only answer questions briefly. She should not interrupt.
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I tried to tell him that my condition has worsened after my surgery and he cut me in the middle of a sentence and was like, "there is nothing here to discuss". I was like "excuse me?". I spent so much time preparing for this appointment. I made a list of all of my symptoms. I tried to ask my questions, but he just brushed me off. He said, "your story simply doesn't add up, I don't think you're in so much pain. I can prescribe you some anti-anxiety medication". I could not believe it. I spent months on a waiting list to see this doctor. I did my research. I had all of my notes organised. I even made sure to wear my work shirt to look more professional. He totally dismissed me. He said that I should respect his time. That I should make another appointment to talk more or that I should look for another specialist.
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Question: Anyone else here worries about what to wear to doctors appointments? I spend so much time thinking about what to wear, should i put my make up on? should i leave my jewellery at home? I don't want to look too well, just in case they see me and be like "you're looking well". I try to look neutral, but smart, but not too smart - if you know what I mean. Anyway, so much work goes into these appointments. Like, how do I make sure that they take me and my pain seriously? I know all of this sounds silly, but I take no chances.




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