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CASE  3 




She comes in here and demands help. She is loud and rude. I'm not even sure if she has proper insurance.
It is clear she is not looking after herself. It can be argued that it's her own fault that she is in pain - not eating healthy, not exercising, drinking too much and taking too many pills. She should take extra care when attending appointments. It might be useful to be concise and polite when talking to the doctor. She should not bring her personal problems into the doctor's office. She should be on time.
the moment they see me, they are like 'who the fuck is she?". they think I'm a junkie. they don't take me seriously. what's the fucking point? so many years dealing with this shit, being poor - nobody listens to you. dealing with racists doctors who gaslight me every time i try to say how bad it is. i mean nothing. my pain is nothing to them. my life is nothing. i'm done fighting, proving, feeling bad for taking too much time.
SHE WAS LIKE, 'ARE YOU SURE YOU'RE IN PAIN?" I WAS LIKE, "I HAVEN'T SLEPT FOR WEEKS. I CAN'T MOVE BECAUSE I'M IN SO MUCH PAIN. I CAN'T EAT. I'VE BEEN CRYING FOR DAYS. I'M SURE I'M IN PAIN". SHE TOLD ME I'M BEING RUDE AND THAT SHE doesn't want to spend so much time with me because I always talk about my pain. SHE SAID I'M WASTING HER TIME. IT'S LIKE My PAIN IS not REAL. LIKE I'M MAKING IT UP. why would I be lying? they think I sit on my bum all day and do nothing. they tell me to loose weight, to get a fucking hobby and get on with it.I even heard them saying that I'm the lazy attention seeker in our family.




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